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Neons and Peplums (Cut Off)

Anddd here it is. Cut Off Collection 

Olivia Skater skirt in Neon Orange - P570

Kyla peplum leatherette skirt (P630)

Dawn peplum shorts in Mint (P650)

Dawn peplum shorts leatherette (P650)

Olivia Skater skirt in neon yellow (P570)

If you wish to order you can check out the Facebook page or our Multiply site! There are only a limited number pieces per design. ;) 

Model: Amanda Alegre

That’s all for now!

Cut off everything

Here it is! 

Cut Off by The Second Shop

Our line of one-of-a-kind designed new bottoms at very pocket-friendly prices. This is not the first time we are making brand new items, but it is the first time we’re clearly segregating it away from our thrifted collections.  Also, this is the first time we’re selling our brand new pieces at really low prices! It is about time we gave a name to our ‘brand new’ line

We will make it available through Facebook for easier and faster transactions since not very many people keep Multiply accounts anymore. 

Get ready for edgy staple pieces that will certainly add a twist to any ordinary outfit. 

You can start ordering this coming Wednesday, September 5. After I finish my midterm exams! 

Special thanks to Amanda Alegre for being our lovely muse and model! 

That’s all for now! 

Hitting two birds

Here comes two (or three) of my favorite things. Shorts, leather(ette) and peplums. 

You read that right. Shorts. Unlike other peplum items such as blouses, skirts or dresses i’ve got them on shorts. I’ve said before that I always feel much more comfortable in shorts than I do in skirts. Even If I wore skirts everyday for more than half my life (school uniform) I always had to have shorts underneath. 

Come to think of it, until today I still do that. Cycling shorts & mini skirts. The ‘conservative’ side of me. 

Wearing peplum shorts hits two birds with one stone.  I’m able to ‘diffuse’ my extra perky behind, like I always do with A-line skirts while feeling safe with my shorts. A little bit shorter with a bit more sparkle, and then I’m pretty sure I can start making costumes for the Divas of WWE.

This pair of shorts is included with the few new pieces from Cut Off.  You can read what Cut Off is all about here. If you’d like to order or reserve a pair, just email me so  I can message you when everything is settled. :) 

Top from Terranova, necklace from Divisoria, sunglasses from Zara

Matching wedges from So Fab. 

That’s all for now! 

All things good inside and out