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the fact that you’re reading this…

Like I mentioned in my post in December, both Jason and I have decided to put more time and effort in managing the shop. Part of putting more effort into the shop is also putting more effort in growing as an online shop. That is why, now we do not just have vintage high waist shorts, but brand new ones as well. 

With vintage pieces, there really is just one piece per item. However, with our brand new pieces we have between 2-5 pieces per item.  Since some of the prints are very loud and distinct, we didn’t want to make too many pieces of each design. That way, you don’t have to worry about bumping into someone with the same pair of shorts when you go out!

Now that you (whoever you are) are reading this, if you see anything you really want to buy (RIGHT NOW) from the pictures above or below just email us (thesecondshop2010 at gmail dot com)  what you wish to purchase RIGHT NOW! You don’t need to wait until Monday.

TAKE NOTE: the soft opening is only for the brand new shorts. :)

black and white 

neon orange


this …makes me dizzy

scalloped leopard (1 piece only!!!)

neon ethnic

black leopard stretch

peacock print

If you were wondering, all brand new shorts range from P699-P849. I didn’t post everything yet, but these are pretty much my favorites. 

If you’re into more plain shorts, we still have a few pieces left from our scalloped shorts!

The rest of the 26th collection will be available on January 16, 2012 at 9PM. Visit our website and twitter for more updates! 

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