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Mr. Sun

Saying hello to Mr. Sun on a Sunday! Since we haven’t seen each other in quite a while, I made sure to wear something lively and colorful when greeting him ;)

Now that the rain has stopped (I really hope it stays this way for a while) I feel more comfortable updating my Tumblr. Since last week, I tried to stay away from using the computer and internet and instead I turned to my books and spent time with my family. I can’t remember the last time my dad made breakfast for whole the family. It is really sad how some simple things are taken for granted. It takes so much for us to enjoy and appreciate the simple joys.


Enough with my self-guilt tripping and more on happy thoughts. Like I said the Mr. Sun is out-enough hiding! 

Top from Shopsville, shorts from F21, heels from SoFab!

Even though the sun is out, it doesn’t mean we need to stop helping out. Now that classes and work have resumed there are less relief sites but there are still different ways to help.

Zalora and their generous heart, on the one hand has prepared something special for the victims of the recent flooding. 

Can’t make it? No problem! Anyone can support by donating through our site from the links below. 
That’s all for now!
PS. Also, i’ve extended the deadline of Ichigo Sandals give away. Click here to join! 


When I had just started my I-care-about-what-I-wear phase in life back in first year college, there was this one shoe brand was always been there for me. And I mean always. I was hardly ever caught wearing heels unless it was a really really special occasion. I always felt awkward being “extra tall” and taller than Jason. Finally, one day Jason said he’d buy me a pair of heels just to prove to me that he was fine with me being taller than him. He bought me these gladiator heels with 3 inch heels that had ropes and holes—something I would’ve never expected him to choose.  At that time, the shoe was still very uncommon and i quote "very cool like spider man".

(It was a 1920’s themed party) 

After owning a pair of heels, I stayed very loyal to the brand. Their specialty, flats, instantly became a staple to my daily-college-uniform. I loved their cut out flats, oxfords and even wedges. Their styles were always a mix of classic, chic and up to date at a very affordable price! (more reason to love it!) 

And so 3 years later, I still rely on Ichigo as one of my go-to brands for local shoes. 

Maldita necklace, F21 tunic, Topshop vest

I’d say that’s all, but this post doesn’t end there because Ichigo has been generous enough to let me give away a pair of sandals from their latest collection!

I don’t normally do “give aways” in fact, I’m a real noob when it comes to this. But when I was asked to share a pair of shoes from the latest collection of Ichigo, I had no reason to say no! I’ve loved this brand since my first year of college, and I still love it until today. 

With just a few simple steps, you can win a pear of these Peggy Flats from Ichigo in your size. 

You just need to accomplish the following

1. Like their Facebook fan page

2. Follow the Ichigo blog and twitter

3. Share and retweet this blog entree on twitter with the hashtag #Ichigo

4. Comment below after completing all the three tasks above answering in only 1 sentence: What makes Ichigo so unique? :)

Deadline will be on August 6! :)

I hope this works out :/ Nevertheless, I’m still excited. Now back to school work and that’s all for now!

21 Men - again

In my previous post, (the one that was erased twice) I shared about how I had trouble finding a top to match these pants. Given that I’m not really a jeans-kind-of-girl, styling a pair of plum pants was somehow a challenge. 

Why I own a pair of plum pants? It is really simple. Warehouse, 70% off, last pair, my size. I tried matching it with a black and white top but I wasn’t very happy with the turn out. Since my oc-boyfriend caries around extra shirts in his car, I quickly looked through his clothes in search for a replacement. Since I hardly post, I figured might as well post something nice. (or is it really?)

Viola! I found this sand from 21 Men. I liked the way the colors matched the pants and the heels. The beige with green tones picked up the beige from the heels. The gray and the white added a nice touch too.

Lastly, I made sure to wear my newest wedges from SoFab. It has been a while since I last bought a pair of wedges. And so when I saw these on the racks, I knew it was something worth getting! Time to make gasgas

My tumblr page has currently been down due to some “bug” . Its only now that I’ve actually figured out how to fix it. :( 

All things good inside and out